Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We have a snow day today! and boy do I need it!!! Im starting to get a cold, I think its from the stress of things. So today is going to be a total ME day. Im going to finish the book I've been reading, take a nap, clean my room, get some bill paying done, shower, overload on tea throughout the day, snuggle on my couch..mmmmm all the good things I've wanted to do the last couple of weeks to put me at ease.

More than anything today I want to make myself just feel good about things. I've felt so alone lately ... even though there are tons of friends around me and Im having a good time... I just really feel like something is missing.
It's sad to say it, because I'm such an independent person, and I like being on my own, but I think I am needing love. I need that call at night, or someone to just come and hang out on the couch all day because you are sick and lonely. I'm really tired of it... and I hate to admit that, but I really do wish that I could find a guy and just get it right this time

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