Sunday, July 10, 2011

My heart has been a messy place lately.

or maybe my heart has just made my mind a messy place? I have been over thinking everything when it comes to Ryan and I don't know why. I just feel like out of nowhere I started to feel a lot more for him than I did before, maybe because of how much I missed him, but the more I feel I feel like he stays at the same point we were at. I haven't seen him since June 19th.. almost an entire month, and yet I feel like he doesn't really care that much that we haven't seen each other.
I know he cares, if he didn't care he wouldn't have called me Friday night. If he didn't care he would just straight out tell me, because he is that kind of person.. he's not afraid to tell you how it is. So then why do I feel like this?
Maybe I just need to see him.

just a couple photos from the second night of shooting.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Filming tonight

about two months ago I auditioned to dance in a music video for two local artists. The song is great and so super catchy! (I wish it was out already so I could share it!)
Here is the teaser from the first day of shooting!
Tonight we are filming at District night club in boston, then the video will be off to the editing tables!! I cannot wait for it to come out, though I am sad that this is the final night with all of my girls. They are all amazing, beautiful, and crazy talented (sometimes I don't even know how I got chosen for the video when I watch the rest of them dance)
Look out for Renee Marcou, she is insanely beautiful, and has one of the best voices I have heard in a long time, She's going places! =)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Britteny Alphabet

Ambition: To say I made it. As a dancer, as an artist.... as an individual it all means something different. For me its about looking back at what I did when I'm older, when my first child begins searching for colleges deciding what they want to study, what they want to spend the rest of their life doing and I will be able to guide them knowing that I made the right choice by following my dreams and not settling.

Bad Habit: I'm a picker. I cant even put into words how bad I hate that I do it and every time I try to give it up I do well when I think about it.. but then something happens like I'm stuck at a long red light and I see a bug bite or something on my arm and I pick. Maybe one day I will be able to actually stop fully.

City: I was born in Dorchester, raised in Brockton.I am a Boston girl through and through.. I love everything about where I am from, the skyline from blue hills, the short ride to the beach, Sully's onion rings after walking the sugar bowl, performing in festivals, being a 20 minute drive to some of the best teachers in mass. I will tell you though I would like a little bit of a change. I long for the possibilities of what my life could be if I got the chance to live my dreams of performing on Broadway, being able to wake up on any given morning and take a quick ride on the train to any audition at Chelsey studios. I want it, but I know how much my heart would hurt for my city and I don't know if I could stay away long enough to really make something of myself out there.

Drink: Water, Marylou's Coffee, any and all iced teas, and when I go out I'm pretty sure you'll find me with a Malibu bay breeze in my hand.

Education: hanging on my "wall of over achievement" I  have diplomas from Ashfield Elementary, East Jr. High, Brockton High School, and a B.A. in Dance with a minor in Sociology. Some other neat things on that wall too.. I actually feel like you could learn everything about me just from staring at it.

Food: ummmmmm I love it? I'm defly a steak and sweet potatoes kinda girl... I love a good bacon cheeseburger, I've eaten alligator before and thought it was very yummy, and my new favorite dish is Buffalo Chicken Pasta from the abington ale house... I will learn how to make that... I so will.

Guilty Pleasures: Girl Scout Cookie Coffee, black raspberry ice cream with peanut butter sauce, Pretty Little Liars, Staying up until 5am with Ryan, Dancing on counters with my best friends (who I miss so so much<3)

Home Town: Good ole Brockton MA. I've lived here since I was 3. Some parts of the city are well gross, but I live in the cutest little neighborhood. You ever seen the sandlot? yep... welcome to my neighborhood, equipped with a baseball field a block away and everything =)

Ice Cream: Oh dear where do I even begin with this? ummm.. hahaha
well black raspberry with peanut butter was already discussed...
Mint chocolate chip is defly an all time favorite. BUT it has to be the green ice cream with the chocolate chips, I don't do the white ice cream, and believe me it doesn't taste the same!
Some of my fav memories of ice cream? Sitting on Aunty Dolls couch with Amanda and Angela eating peppermint stick ice cream and watching Disney Movies. Oh? You mean we did that this past Friday in the camper? No big deal guys we are 23, 18, and 15.... but we've been doing this since we were  15, 10, and 7, it's kinda our cousin thing<3

Jonesing For: Some Ballet Classes!!!!! I need some structure in my life. I love being in a contemporary/jazz group, that freedom to really just explore, but my gosh do I need a little "ballet is black and white do it right or its wrong" in my life...
oh hey dean senior class of 2010<3

Kryptonite: The Good Kind: A great book, the ocean, when Ryan sings to me. He's not one for sharing feelings but sometimes we will listen to a song and only some songs he sings along to when I'm riding in his car or laying next to him, and they are all usually songs that state how the singer really feels about the girl they are with.. it melts me every time.
The Bad Kind: My kindness- I trust and I forgive way too easily. Sometimes it works out in my favor, but a lot of times it usually just comes back and bites me in the butt.

I always get two. One I'm usually flattered because I love her, the other.. well.. yea... hahaha

Kelly Clarkson (I get then and nows)
and... miley.

 Movies: fav Disney flic- The Lion King
Fav love story- Ever After
Fav childhood movie- The Secret Garden
and one of my all time favorites is Penelope =)

Nickname: Hyslipper, BrittBratt, Britty Bird, BattBatt, when I was little my sister called me Miss Priss, I think thats all of them? haha

Obsessions: taking and looking at photographs, MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC, Shoes, Wearing funny/ quirky t-shirts with nice sweaters, Sun dresses, The beach, The Celtics and red sox, and cereal.

Perfume: I'm more of a body spray kinda girl, and as weird as it sounds it depends on the time of the year. As long as its warm out, so from about late April to October I like to rock coconut lime, and during the winter I usually use black raspberry with vanilla. Thanks bath and body works, I'm obsessed with your lotion and body spray combos.

Quirk: I am a goofy person... and I have a really really hard time taking a serious picture... are you ready for this? I don't know if you are... but here's a tiny glimpse into the photographic life of a certified picture ruiner...

I'm pretty sure Laura is my biggest victim. She is forever mad at me because I ruin our pictures together on a regular.

Regrets: I don't really regret anything, at least not long term. Everything I have done has either caused a positive experience or taught me a really important lesson, and usually an even more important lesson of getting up, dusting it off, and trying again.

Starbucks: Im a pretty big fan of their frozen drinks, like java chips... but don't tell my job that hahaha (sorry marylous)

Thrift find of the year: one of my mothers rings that didn't fit her anymore. Its my brothers birthstone with 6 little diamonds surrounding it (my birthstone) I eventually want to get the diamonds taken out and replaced with my sisters birthstone so that I will carry them with me always.

Vacation: Isn't until july 28th but I am so super excited. Its the Hyslip family's annual camp trip.. and its all of us, all 15 cousins, 5 camp sites, lots of marshmellos, adventures, and amazingly hillarious moments with my family. We've been doing these trips every august for about 9 years now, usually going up to New Hampshire or Maine, but this year we are going to upstate New York! Pretty Stoked!
Last year I missed the family camp trip because I took a separate vacation.. a road trip to North Carolina, to see my hero, and my best friend, come home after 7 long months in Afghanistan

Wine: White Zin, and in the summertime I make a sangria of White, ginger ale, a little grabefruit and pinapple juice, and fresh lemons, limes, and strawberries =)

X: really? just X? so we will keep this short and sweet.... the thing that complicates my life the most.. the people who really should just not even be in my life anymore but they always find their way to come back and bother me for some reason or another... my darling Exes! hahaha

Years: They pass, things change, life comes and goes at warps speed, and if you are lucky you get a pretty good view of it.
"Hours fly, flowers bloom and die, old days old ways pass by, love stays"

Zen: When I'm with the beautiful people I call my friends. Not the days we all go out and do crazy things. Not the times we even go anywhere. But the days when its just all of us out at PJ's pool, or watching a celtics game at Saywer's house. Game night at Shannon's.  Those days I feel so blessed, happy, and at ease. It's amazing to just feel this comfort with them... to be in a room of 5 or more people, all quiet and yet comfortable..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

let me tell you...

I just wrote a huge post to try to catch everyone up on my life the last couple of months because I have been gone SINCE THE THIRTY FIRST OF MARCH IS THIS REAL LIFE??????????????
well.... I hit a button by accident and it all went bye bye and then I died a little inside.

I'm sorry it has been so long, and thank you to everyone who has been patient and hasn't unfollowed me!
I will post all this week with updates on the following things

My students and recital season
The Mav Girls (ohhh you don't even know what that is yet how exciting!)
The love life (always a very interesting read in my blog... I know.. I know..)
The season with my dance company

and anything else I could possibly think of... if you have ideas of what that should be you can always message me and let me know =)

I've missed you, dear blogger... thank you for staying with me guys. I'll have a new post by tomorrow night.. super duper Internet pinkie promise!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be Inspired.

My favorite musician, Matt Nathanson, Tweeted this earlier today, its now my new favorite quote.

"Inspired by the fact that perfect is just never going to happen"
That is how I want to think from now on when I choreograph, teach, and dance myself. It's never going to be "Perfect" The dance is constantly growing, steps are molding into each other. Practice will always make better but by what definition is it perfect? There will always be the person who is an 8th of a second off from everyone else, the person who forgot section a repeated after section c, the four year old who waves at their mom and sucks their fingers instead of doing the dance on stage. Thats life... you can either make a big deal about it or you can brush it off and keep going. Be inspired by chaos, destruction, and inperfection... it is what makes things beautiful

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dance For Her,

Somewhere behind the dancer you've become, the hours of rehearsals, the teachers who pushed you, the family who believed in you, and the audiences who cheered for you: is the little girl who twirled around the living room. The one who fell in love with the stage and never looked back... dance for her
Thank you Alyson for sharing that quote<3

Thursday, March 17, 2011


That I almost fell out of the drive through window today at work.

oh! if you're wondering where it is I work... its here
anyway... it was embarassingly hillarious, so I wanted to share it with the two people who read this, hi mom. everyone.
Hope everyone else had a great St. Patricks day!!

OH OH! and I should hear about the Theater by the Sea that I auditioned for by April 1st. If I don't hear from them then I didn't make it. Heres hoping! I've got my fingers crossed!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some People Give Up Things For Lent

I do not..
okay hear me out, because I am a catholic, but some people forget there is more than one rule. During lent you give up something that is an addiction, something possibly associated with one of the sins (usually gluttony) I, however, don't really have a thing that I HAVE to have on a daily basis. Heck, I can even go a few days without facebook no problem.
So I do the other half of lent, where you take on something in order of repent. For the last four years I was a member of my school community outreach program so I actually did lots of things during lent without even having to go look for one.
Now.. well.. not so lucky.
SO I am blogging to ask for a bit of a favor.  I am looking for a good project or two for my sister and I to take part in. if it is something that requires actually going to, its gotta be around the Massachusetts south shore area (obviously I will leave the area just don't send me to southern CT, thats not cool!! haha) or if you know of other great ways that you can get involved through websites, mailings (like for soldiers?) or anything like that it would be so super helpful!

Thanks everyone! Hope everythings been going well in bloggerville!! I hope to stop in with some good news about some dance updates in my life.. keepin the fingers crossed =)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Sister Gave Up Coffee For Lent

wait, wait... My sister gave up coffee for lent?
Im going to get her drug tested. yep, shes been hanging out with charlie sheen.
woman you are a school teacher with three kids, coffee is like the air you breathe!?
Its going to be a long forty days around her

Monday, March 7, 2011

I bought a calendar today

And its the best idea I have had in weeks!!!!
I feel like I have so many adventures to be going on in the next couple of months and I just cant seem to keep any of it straight! People keep asking me what I am doing with my life on this day or this day if I'm free on this day which is three months from now.. and I have no clue!!! so I did the responsible thing, now I am a calendar girl. Its hung on the wall in front of my bed so that I can see it as soon as I wake up in the morning.
ah, the sweet smell of organization! I am starting to feel a little bit better! Now I just gotta get this room cleaned -_-

Friends in High Places

My last week hasn't been my strongest. Shakey love, bills that just wont seem to be up to date, a room that is still a mess after cleaning almost daily.
And yet I'm okay.
I'm okay because I have Joe to call when I cry. Who IMs me (who does that still?) just to see how my day is going. I have a best friend.
The best part is that distance isn't a factor with him. He doesn't care that I live an hour away. He doesn't care that his schedule is crazy and my schedule is crazy... When I am about to cry, punch someone in the face, or hide in my room and just lay in my bed for a whole week, He is there to kick my ass, make me laugh, and reassure me that as long as I am not dead, then life surely goes on.
So thanks joe, for being a really awesome best friend.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

how do you get better without the motivation?

I feel like I'm losing my mojo here people
I want to be working out and choreographing and cleaning and organizing... but here I am.. laying in bed, no motivation.
I think it may be just a mix of frustrations from the last week. Long drives, wrong amounts on paychecks (which lead to overdue bills) lack of inspiration to create something up to my standards. Arguing parents (who argue about nothing) arguing friends, confused feelings.
Everything around me seems so negative and I just want to hide from all of it. I just feel blocked. No writing, no drawing, no dancing.. nothing is coming out of me.

someone please get me out of this funk =(

Friday, February 18, 2011

We are having the same feelings.

I'm working on getting over somebody. I take a long time to heal, no matter how long or short the relationship was.. it takes me time. Right now I'm afraid my time isn't over yet and I have met someone new.
The problem is.. I don't think he has moved on either.
This is what happens when you do stupid stuff like have a tumblr that you show on your facebook.. other people will see it. I will see it.

I feel like we are two lost souls who found each other, who will try to love each other.. and we don't even know how.

I'm rambling.
That's what these are for right?
Welcome back Britteny.. Everything else in your life may have taken a slight change during your blogger hiatus... but as the world can see you're love life is still a disaster.

I really hate to say that I miss you

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whip My Hair ft Neil Young & Bruce Springsteen

I love videos that make me smile.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

you know whats a strange concept?

Having a friend be your hero.
I am lucky enough to have a hero, and today I get to celebrate him.
His name is Ryan Hogan... he's a dummy, a goofball, not very smooth with the ladies.. and a member of the United States Marines.
Today is his 23rd birthday, and although he will probably find some time to celebrate with his marine buddies, myself, Nick, and a few others will be wishing he was home to crack open a beer, let me bake him a cake, and laugh at his stupidity.
This will be the Third birthday his friends from back home have not been able to spend with him because He has been serving our country... but this year I am extra grateful. Hogan spent his 22nd birthday in the deserts of Afghanistan. I got a phonecall once a month, sometimes less, and I didn't watch the news for 9 months because I was afraid I would see him on the tv screen.
He spent his birthday last year fighting to keep our country safe.. and for that, he is my hero.

Happy Birthday Hogey Bear.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome Back Welcome Back Welcome Back!

Computer is back up and running! finally!
I feel like I've gone a little insane without it.
Mostly for the reason that I need this to keep my thoughts organized as my life constantly changes. And by constantly I do mean all of the time. I've gone through job changes again, Things are growing and changing with my dance company, with teaching dance,with LIFE!

I feel like I don't know where to start, aside from right now life is pretty good. I can't complain about it.

So I leave this post saying that.. I well, have a lot to say and don't know where to start, but I will... I like to look at this and see where I am, where I am going, how I've grown.. I can't just leave out details while I lacked a computer for three weeks. But for now.. just something to put a smile on your face! Probably the cutest commercial of the superbowl.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I feel like I keep saying this...

But really I've had a huge absence. I assure you I am still blogging, but my computer has been acting up a lot lately so I was trying to stay off of it as much as possible and two days ago it crashed:(
Very sad because it's only a little over a year old. I got a virus within the day between my aunt removing my old antivirus and me (probably unsuccessfully) uploading my new antivirus. So now I am writing this post on my iPod hahaha!
I hope to have my laptop back in a few days so that I may catch back up with all you lovely people that I so much enjoy reading about, seeing your wonderful photos, and drooling over your etsy sites (which I am thinking of creating one soon once I havethe money to restock my art supplies!)(damn why does Alex still have all my paint and brushes?? I really gotta get that back)
Anyway... I might be needing your help soon.. I won't know for sure for a couple of days but there is a possibility my aunt is going to have to wipe out my laptop which means I may lose about a third or so of my music because I haven't backed it up in my harddrive in abt two or more months (oops). So! I may call on you guys to assist me in rebuilding my collection! As soon as I get that hunk of machine I keep half my life on I will let you know where I stand. Hopefully it will be a happy post about the updates in my life that I am so very behind on and not a cry for help to replenish the beautiful collection of music that I pride myself in(really, it's like my baby).

Hope you all have had a fantastic last couple of eweeks! I can't wait to be able to start reading about them again!