Sunday, July 10, 2011

My heart has been a messy place lately.

or maybe my heart has just made my mind a messy place? I have been over thinking everything when it comes to Ryan and I don't know why. I just feel like out of nowhere I started to feel a lot more for him than I did before, maybe because of how much I missed him, but the more I feel I feel like he stays at the same point we were at. I haven't seen him since June 19th.. almost an entire month, and yet I feel like he doesn't really care that much that we haven't seen each other.
I know he cares, if he didn't care he wouldn't have called me Friday night. If he didn't care he would just straight out tell me, because he is that kind of person.. he's not afraid to tell you how it is. So then why do I feel like this?
Maybe I just need to see him.

just a couple photos from the second night of shooting.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Filming tonight

about two months ago I auditioned to dance in a music video for two local artists. The song is great and so super catchy! (I wish it was out already so I could share it!)
Here is the teaser from the first day of shooting!
Tonight we are filming at District night club in boston, then the video will be off to the editing tables!! I cannot wait for it to come out, though I am sad that this is the final night with all of my girls. They are all amazing, beautiful, and crazy talented (sometimes I don't even know how I got chosen for the video when I watch the rest of them dance)
Look out for Renee Marcou, she is insanely beautiful, and has one of the best voices I have heard in a long time, She's going places! =)