Wednesday, December 29, 2010

why my nieces are awesome

"See my finger? See my thumb? See my fist? Better run!!!" -Kiara, age 4

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowed in.

okay so maybe not 8 feet of snow, snowed in... but my mother and I were actually stuck here. The storm hit the south shore pretty hard and while all the boys in my family hopped in the plow to make some good money (no really, they were out for 24 hours straight... thats a lot of money! haha) my mother and I were stuck in the house... and while I should have read and drawn and done other artistic or educated things that I enjoy doing, I rotted on my bed watching movies and playing games. That is, until the power went out for 11 hours.

So, at one point I gave up on my ipod and not using my mind for anything and I finally wrote.
I haven't fully picked a title yet, but I think I am going to call it Warm Air

The air was warm
your skin was soft
pale, like the shade of your eyes
as you slept next to me
me, sun kissed
dreaming of better days
and counting all the ways
I tried not to fall for you
yes I’m dreaming of better days
Days when the air was warm.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

See Black Swan

Okay, so I don't really like dance movies most of the time, and I usually don't go around promoting them "OMG SEE STEP UP 3D ITS LIKE THIIIRRDDD DIMENSION I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT DIMENSION WE LIVE IN OR WHAT A PAS DE BOURREE THIS IS AWESSOOMMEE DANCE YA!" The reason for this is because they try to make movies about the dance but they just can't do it the same way that Hollywood musicals of the past could or they try to make it awesome with hot muscly men and hip hop music or doing pointe to Michael Jackson in order to get into the New York City Ballet (sorry center stage)

Thank Hollywood for Darren Aronofsky.
Why do I love him so much? It started with a past boyfriend showing me The Machinist. Dark and twisted, gross but you can't stop watching as someones life falls apart. This is how this movie is.
As a dancer, yes I appreciate this movie for the fact that it is based on one of the most popular classical ballet pieces, ever. But that's not what this movie really is about.
What is it about then? I mean perhaps you want to figure it out or you have your own opinion... but the darkness that comes from the inside of a person, even the sweetest person.
It does however actually relate to most dancers, even if it is in a very over exaggerated way, I know I have felt this way.

Every dancer sees that one person and compares themselves to them. They want to be them in one shape or form... I wish my foot pointed like hers, god I wish my extension was like that.. I def have that leotard and I most def don't look like that in it... she can do a triple pirouette? yea.. well... I'll make a fool of myself trying to do one then because I want to be that good too. Yea. All been there.
There is also something I felt from the main character, Nina. As a dancer I like to get lost in the character I portray... Thankfully I have never had to go so far as she did... but its a commitment that dancers have to make. You can't just walk on a stage and say "today I am going to dance the part of Juliet" and not believe that you are actually her.. that you actually love that boy across the stage from you.

I feel like I am not expressing myself the way I want to about it... like I can't say it correctly. But if you are a dancer, go and see this movie and you will understand. You will sit there and think to yourself "This is how it really is... sometimes.. this is really how I feel"

Gah.. so good.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Kinetic Synergy Dance Company

Had our first group photo shoot this weekend with my dance company. It could have been better.. some camera difficulty, A member going home early from being sick, and well, it was fourty degrees and we were outside in beautiful Cambridge Mass, in dance clothes. Lovely!
Heres a few shots that I stole and edited<3

I promise I'll update more soon, when I think of something to rant about, or I actually have an exciting life to mention! we'll see what comes first!
Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! and good luck on those college finals!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

you ever have the downs?

Like everything is starting to go your way
things are starting to make sense
your life is starting to get back together
and yet... something inside of you is still unhappy?
an empty you're not sure how to fill?

Well that sums up my last week.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I got the job
I start training tomorrow!
Hey, I'm no ballerina, so I can't dance for the Boston Ballet, but at least I can say that I am a part of what makes the company breathe and survive =)

So now I'm teaching dance, performing with a contemporary company, and working in the office of the biggest dance company and dance school in Massachusetts. My degree is paying off!