Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowed in.

okay so maybe not 8 feet of snow, snowed in... but my mother and I were actually stuck here. The storm hit the south shore pretty hard and while all the boys in my family hopped in the plow to make some good money (no really, they were out for 24 hours straight... thats a lot of money! haha) my mother and I were stuck in the house... and while I should have read and drawn and done other artistic or educated things that I enjoy doing, I rotted on my bed watching movies and playing games. That is, until the power went out for 11 hours.

So, at one point I gave up on my ipod and not using my mind for anything and I finally wrote.
I haven't fully picked a title yet, but I think I am going to call it Warm Air

The air was warm
your skin was soft
pale, like the shade of your eyes
as you slept next to me
me, sun kissed
dreaming of better days
and counting all the ways
I tried not to fall for you
yes I’m dreaming of better days
Days when the air was warm.

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