Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exploding Dog, Boston Ballet, and other feelings

So I stumbled upon this today through tumblr, he has a page that he takes a lot of his art from his website, which is freakin adorable. They are based around the artist himself, sam brown.. the man stick frigure is also sam.. the coffee loving, dargon slaying, best friend of a robot.
The best thing about the cartoons is he is actually realistic about it. They are little comics but you can tell what kind of day he is having by the cartoon he posts. Hungover, heartbroken, going out, in love, in need of coffee.. more coffee, and more coffee, he draws these awesome cartoons about it. The best part is that they are relatable. You look at one and say "I remember feeling like that"
so I've been saving a whole bunch of them.. so look out in my blogs from now on because a lot of them may include pictures from the clever little Sam Brown from Connecticut (of course CT.. because the world knows my follies with men of that state.)
check out his website and his blog!

In other news, I  had an interview with Boston Ballet for their fundraising committee. I will actually know by tomorrow, which is pretty cool. keeping our fingers crossed!

I've been in a slump with these crazy dreams I've been having and they have brought back some things I tried to get over.
Truth is I can't
and I miss you terribly.
I really wish it wasn't like this and that we were falling in love and not drifting apart back to square one.
at least I have my rocket powered surf board right??

Friday, November 26, 2010


I am not the kind of person who likes to watch lots of movies more than once. Most movies (aside from my childhood favorites) I see once and I am satisfied, and then maybe I will see them again a year or two again.
I do have a logic behind this. As I see it, there are too many movies in the world that I have not seen (including ones that everyone in their mother has seen) (I haven't even seen the new harry potter yet please don't judge me)
so why would I sit around watch these other movies on repeat?
some movies I can see all the time:
Big Lebowski
Now and Then
League of Their Own
Ever After
All Disney/ Disney Pixar Movies
Holiday Movies
Classics (Like littlest princess and secret garden

sadly, not a lot of people have seen Penelope.. but I think everyone needs to. Why? Because the basis behind it is important. It has a good message. The story is about a girl with a family curse. The first daughter to be born with the face of a pig until one of her own learns  to love her. The message is one that I need to take into consideration a lot more than I do. You need to love yourself the way you are, That is the only way you are actually going to be free to be who you are suppose to be.
love it.
watch it
especially because it is currently on encore on demand!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sometimes your home is not a house..

Have you ever had a class where you did not have assigned seating, but you still sat in the same seat every single class??? And if someone decided to change it up It was the end of the world weird and uncomfortable?
I have been battling with this stigma of trying to find my home most of the summer and it comes up in my thoughts every once in a while to this day.. Since I went to college my parents' house lost the flair of "home". To me it became my parents' home, and the fact that I only spent about a fourth of the year there, it was just a place I stayed in between. After graduating Dean started to lose its feeling of home. Lots of things were changing, people who were close to me were leaving, I had gone from one of the most well known faces on campus to just another stranger walking through the hallways when I visit.
Today I was reminded where my home is.
Four rows back
first on the left
Laura hanging out on the other side

My Ballet Barre.

Laura and I were barre partners my junior and senior year so when I talked about visiting to take some classes and she told me that she didn't have a barre partner I was excited.
I walked in put on my slippers and legwarmers and there it was... Laura setting up the barre... four rows back, first one on the left.
As Jill took attendance she looked over at me after finding Laura and said "You found your way right back to where you belong"
and she was right.

maybe... maybe not that specific. Maybe I don't have to be in the MPR at the barre four rows back and first to the left... but in a studio that's warmly lit, full of ballet barres and people who love to dance, sweating gallons at a time and walking out feeling sore. Knowing I worked myself and I wanted more. knowing I wanted to give Everything.

Jill used to teach us in pedagogy that fifth position was home. I always just thought she meant it was the easiest place to have stability and the proper carriage of the body...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Something to Think About

Call me a lame-o, but I still watch One Tree Hill… every week.. it has been a part of my life since I was fourteen I wasn’t going to give it up now… I’m a person of commitment.

anyways.. So I have to watch it via hulu these days, which means I have to watch it the sunday after it airs every week. I watched it today and the character Julian had a quote that I really fell in love with, so I wanted to share it.


“Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood, it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often”

This week in my dance world

I went through tons of ups and downs. My usual dance studio had dance on Thursday even though school was cancelled. Well I guess the memo wasn’t so clearly addressed.. because we had seven students between the three classes. What was me and Miss Alex suppose to do with that? so we had 2 1/2 hours of a free day. yup that’s right. Obstacle courses, freeze dance, whatever else we could think of. Gah! We managed to survive the night, and I was able to get home and concentrate on Saturday’s classes. I was filling in for my friend Ashlee for a few classes in Rhode Island. East Greenwich is BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely loved it! I had a break in between my classes so I even got the chance to walk around the town for a while, and found a Starbucks (which was great because I needed to change my fantasy football roster while Alex was able to talk to me about it!)  It was nice because I really needed a change. I taught two jazz classes at Festival Ballet. I would love to say that I had these amazing ballerinas to work with.. but both the classes were beginner level. That’s fine.. honestly.. because we still had fun. The seven year old class was way too hyper.. and there was only two of them! The high school level was pretty cool. Some of them had small amounts of dance experience, some of them started in September, and a few of them took their first class that day! I

I like the ambition that comes with a new dancer, especially at an older age. Its not like a 15 year old that is dancing because they had been dancing since they were 4, it’s a 15 year old that made a decision that they want to learn. They struggle but they fight through it because they want to learn. I love that. I did a really funky combination with them to this song.. I feel like they liked it, I hope so! I actually really liked the dance.. I wish I had a purpose to expand it and develop more of an outline for it past 8 counts of 8

Today was the second rehearsal for Kinetic Synergy dance company. We started our piece for the shared choreographers show in Cambridge. We are doing this song and the piece incorporates lots and lots of red balloons… its going to be really cool! We are still trying to figure out exactly our characters for it. it has the feeling of a doll, young and sweet and innocent, we’ll see with the progression of the piece if our character changes!


Next week hopefully starts a start for the new, and a turn for the better! I have a job interview.. I’ll hopefully have my life in order again… and I’ll finally feel well enough to go to the gym after being really sick and now trying to fight off the aggravation of leftover cold symptoms (NOSE STOP RUNNING!)

Hope everyone has had a good week! HAPPY SUNDAY FOOTBALL!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Because a Woman Should Love Football

I’ve always been a huge sports fan. Now most people will read this and think “ya ya what girl doesn’t like to look cute in her ‘favorite’ baseball teams hat and say she’s a fan”
I don’t think you understand.
I was raised in a neighborhood of boys. The only other girls at the time of my youth were 5 or more years younger than I was, so I was going to be playing flag football, I was just like ‘Julie The Cat’ between the street hockey goal posts, and I reviled in awe at Michael Jordan (while sporting my phoenix suns Charles Barkley jacket. That’s right; I rocked that in sixth grade)
These days I am quite the same. I may not go out with all the boys in my neighborhood and start a street game of anything anymore… as my group of friends are all adults. I still get my hands on a pickup game of football here and there with some High school friends, but my passion still lies as a sports fan.
To my days of Mo Vaun and Jordan, to my appreciation for Garciapara for coming back to retire a Red Sox and the fact that I almost cried in excitement for Paul Pierces free throw that landed him into the 20,000 point club last night. I have a fantasy football team (that is currently in 2nd place thank you very much!) and I have every Sunday off which is perfect, because I start watching football at 1 and I do not end until the 8:05 game is over. Let’s not forget NFL redzone either that I keep on my “last” button so I can see what’s going on with the games that I do not get on my local cable.
The reason I am bringing this all up is that it has occurred to me that I am not normal.
I have a few other female friends who enjoy going to the bar having a drink and watching a game with me, but not many.
I do not think I have met many females who could put up a fight with me about a sport and throw out the statistics as I could. Yes people in my free time I read about players. I watch ESPN every day at the gym (though I will admit, sometimes I am just watching the boys of PTI and not listening to a thing they say because I’d rather be listening to Brand New while I run… but sometimes I do listen haha) I talk basketball with my brother, Football with my stepfather, and baseball with whoever will discuss baseball with me! (Usually my good friend Nicole!)
I’ve gotten mixed opinions about this from the male population as well. My guy friends think it’s cool. Of course they do, I am one of the guys isn’t sports knowledge a guideline for that? Most of the guys I have dated have thought it was “hot” though sometimes I think I may have been guilty of irritating them because sports is usually the excuse for the male population to drop their girls for a couple hours and just hang out with the boys. And some guys. Well, I get the feeling that sometimes I hurt the male ego when a friend mentions something about a player or a game and another one of their friends try to be macho and I have to shut them down because they are, in fact, wrong. Sorry.
This all seems to be a rant about absolutely nothing. I just felt like I needed to get it out there. Is it really that strange for a girl to love sports that much? Is it wrong that I can be a huge Patriots fan and instead of jumping on the bandwagon and hating the Jets I can appreciate them as a fan because I think Revis is a great player?
Is this abnormal? Is this going to cause me to always be a bridesmaid and never a bride? And why do guys always think I am wrong when I state a fact about a player or team? Does two X chromosomes prohibit my mind from having sports knowledge?
Thankfully I found this article.

So Cheers to us! Here's to enjoying the VS Pink NFL gear because finally theres clothes to rep our teams that fit us, not because "our boyfriends think I look super cute in his favorite team's under-rooz"  Here's to the girls who never miss a Sunday, even when their team has a bye week. Here's to the girls who would rather get tickets to the basketball game instead of tickets to the newest chick flick. Here's to the girls who wear their teams baseball cap whether or not they are having a bad hair day. And here's to the girls who have a favorite college sports team, even if it's not the college you went to.
Here's to us... because we are pretty kick ass!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who am I anyways???

I have realized that I haven't done any type of an "About Me". Well, theres a reason for that. I'm horrible at writing them! I never know what to write. What about me do you want to know anyway? hm
So I came up with a plan. Questions. Questions are great!!

So leave a comment here, or if you are one of my readers outside of the blogger world you can message me through facebook or twitter.. you know where to find me!
Compile some questions to answer so I can create an about me page!

                                                      Feel free to make me think!!!

Thanks everyone! Happy Hump Day!