Sunday, November 14, 2010

This week in my dance world

I went through tons of ups and downs. My usual dance studio had dance on Thursday even though school was cancelled. Well I guess the memo wasn’t so clearly addressed.. because we had seven students between the three classes. What was me and Miss Alex suppose to do with that? so we had 2 1/2 hours of a free day. yup that’s right. Obstacle courses, freeze dance, whatever else we could think of. Gah! We managed to survive the night, and I was able to get home and concentrate on Saturday’s classes. I was filling in for my friend Ashlee for a few classes in Rhode Island. East Greenwich is BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely loved it! I had a break in between my classes so I even got the chance to walk around the town for a while, and found a Starbucks (which was great because I needed to change my fantasy football roster while Alex was able to talk to me about it!)  It was nice because I really needed a change. I taught two jazz classes at Festival Ballet. I would love to say that I had these amazing ballerinas to work with.. but both the classes were beginner level. That’s fine.. honestly.. because we still had fun. The seven year old class was way too hyper.. and there was only two of them! The high school level was pretty cool. Some of them had small amounts of dance experience, some of them started in September, and a few of them took their first class that day! I

I like the ambition that comes with a new dancer, especially at an older age. Its not like a 15 year old that is dancing because they had been dancing since they were 4, it’s a 15 year old that made a decision that they want to learn. They struggle but they fight through it because they want to learn. I love that. I did a really funky combination with them to this song.. I feel like they liked it, I hope so! I actually really liked the dance.. I wish I had a purpose to expand it and develop more of an outline for it past 8 counts of 8

Today was the second rehearsal for Kinetic Synergy dance company. We started our piece for the shared choreographers show in Cambridge. We are doing this song and the piece incorporates lots and lots of red balloons… its going to be really cool! We are still trying to figure out exactly our characters for it. it has the feeling of a doll, young and sweet and innocent, we’ll see with the progression of the piece if our character changes!


Next week hopefully starts a start for the new, and a turn for the better! I have a job interview.. I’ll hopefully have my life in order again… and I’ll finally feel well enough to go to the gym after being really sick and now trying to fight off the aggravation of leftover cold symptoms (NOSE STOP RUNNING!)

Hope everyone has had a good week! HAPPY SUNDAY FOOTBALL!

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