Thursday, November 4, 2010

Because a Woman Should Love Football

I’ve always been a huge sports fan. Now most people will read this and think “ya ya what girl doesn’t like to look cute in her ‘favorite’ baseball teams hat and say she’s a fan”
I don’t think you understand.
I was raised in a neighborhood of boys. The only other girls at the time of my youth were 5 or more years younger than I was, so I was going to be playing flag football, I was just like ‘Julie The Cat’ between the street hockey goal posts, and I reviled in awe at Michael Jordan (while sporting my phoenix suns Charles Barkley jacket. That’s right; I rocked that in sixth grade)
These days I am quite the same. I may not go out with all the boys in my neighborhood and start a street game of anything anymore… as my group of friends are all adults. I still get my hands on a pickup game of football here and there with some High school friends, but my passion still lies as a sports fan.
To my days of Mo Vaun and Jordan, to my appreciation for Garciapara for coming back to retire a Red Sox and the fact that I almost cried in excitement for Paul Pierces free throw that landed him into the 20,000 point club last night. I have a fantasy football team (that is currently in 2nd place thank you very much!) and I have every Sunday off which is perfect, because I start watching football at 1 and I do not end until the 8:05 game is over. Let’s not forget NFL redzone either that I keep on my “last” button so I can see what’s going on with the games that I do not get on my local cable.
The reason I am bringing this all up is that it has occurred to me that I am not normal.
I have a few other female friends who enjoy going to the bar having a drink and watching a game with me, but not many.
I do not think I have met many females who could put up a fight with me about a sport and throw out the statistics as I could. Yes people in my free time I read about players. I watch ESPN every day at the gym (though I will admit, sometimes I am just watching the boys of PTI and not listening to a thing they say because I’d rather be listening to Brand New while I run… but sometimes I do listen haha) I talk basketball with my brother, Football with my stepfather, and baseball with whoever will discuss baseball with me! (Usually my good friend Nicole!)
I’ve gotten mixed opinions about this from the male population as well. My guy friends think it’s cool. Of course they do, I am one of the guys isn’t sports knowledge a guideline for that? Most of the guys I have dated have thought it was “hot” though sometimes I think I may have been guilty of irritating them because sports is usually the excuse for the male population to drop their girls for a couple hours and just hang out with the boys. And some guys. Well, I get the feeling that sometimes I hurt the male ego when a friend mentions something about a player or a game and another one of their friends try to be macho and I have to shut them down because they are, in fact, wrong. Sorry.
This all seems to be a rant about absolutely nothing. I just felt like I needed to get it out there. Is it really that strange for a girl to love sports that much? Is it wrong that I can be a huge Patriots fan and instead of jumping on the bandwagon and hating the Jets I can appreciate them as a fan because I think Revis is a great player?
Is this abnormal? Is this going to cause me to always be a bridesmaid and never a bride? And why do guys always think I am wrong when I state a fact about a player or team? Does two X chromosomes prohibit my mind from having sports knowledge?
Thankfully I found this article.

So Cheers to us! Here's to enjoying the VS Pink NFL gear because finally theres clothes to rep our teams that fit us, not because "our boyfriends think I look super cute in his favorite team's under-rooz"  Here's to the girls who never miss a Sunday, even when their team has a bye week. Here's to the girls who would rather get tickets to the basketball game instead of tickets to the newest chick flick. Here's to the girls who wear their teams baseball cap whether or not they are having a bad hair day. And here's to the girls who have a favorite college sports team, even if it's not the college you went to.
Here's to us... because we are pretty kick ass!



  1. nba finals at my place:

    bf: "do you want to go get dinner?"

    me: "the game is on in fifteen minutes."

    bf: "what game?"

    me: ". . . the finals."

    bf: "of what?"

    me: ". . . ok, well just watch it with me. i'll explain it to you."

    bf: "i'm going to play video games."


    bf: "let's watch a movie"

    me: "THE GAME IS ON!!"

    bf: "well, do you have to watch all of it?"


    bf: ". . . . . . .. . . . can we cuddle?"

  2. Nice post! wow, it's so rare to find girls that loves sports as much as i do! I'm a die hard cubs, bulls, bears, and creighton bluejays fan. And i may alis be addicted to fantasy football (wish my teams were doing as well as yours).

  3. I love the VS NFL line...too bad they don't have my football team :( Oh well....I just stock up on all of their MSU gear!

  4. I LOVE this post!! I grew up in Massachusetts and am therefore obsessed with all things Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox. I literally plan my Sunday schedule around what time the Pats are playing and my best friend does the same with the Jets. It's great to know there's other girls that feel the same way!

  5. I have totally already rocked the VS sports line! I'm not a huge sports buff, but I do enjoy catching the occasional baseball game and was SO bored with the lumpy, baggy team shirts.

    A much cuter option!

  6. I'm a huge sports fan, especially college, but also NBA/NFL/UFC, and even local high school sports! I totally get it from my parents, my dad is a sportscaster and my mom grew up with 5 brothers and has been a total athlete all her life!