Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exploding Dog, Boston Ballet, and other feelings

So I stumbled upon this today through tumblr, he has a page that he takes a lot of his art from his website, which is freakin adorable. They are based around the artist himself, sam brown.. the man stick frigure is also sam.. the coffee loving, dargon slaying, best friend of a robot.
The best thing about the cartoons is he is actually realistic about it. They are little comics but you can tell what kind of day he is having by the cartoon he posts. Hungover, heartbroken, going out, in love, in need of coffee.. more coffee, and more coffee, he draws these awesome cartoons about it. The best part is that they are relatable. You look at one and say "I remember feeling like that"
so I've been saving a whole bunch of them.. so look out in my blogs from now on because a lot of them may include pictures from the clever little Sam Brown from Connecticut (of course CT.. because the world knows my follies with men of that state.)
check out his website and his blog!

In other news, I  had an interview with Boston Ballet for their fundraising committee. I will actually know by tomorrow, which is pretty cool. keeping our fingers crossed!

I've been in a slump with these crazy dreams I've been having and they have brought back some things I tried to get over.
Truth is I can't
and I miss you terribly.
I really wish it wasn't like this and that we were falling in love and not drifting apart back to square one.
at least I have my rocket powered surf board right??

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  1. this post was awesome. . . the skyrocket thing makes me smile!