Friday, November 26, 2010


I am not the kind of person who likes to watch lots of movies more than once. Most movies (aside from my childhood favorites) I see once and I am satisfied, and then maybe I will see them again a year or two again.
I do have a logic behind this. As I see it, there are too many movies in the world that I have not seen (including ones that everyone in their mother has seen) (I haven't even seen the new harry potter yet please don't judge me)
so why would I sit around watch these other movies on repeat?
some movies I can see all the time:
Big Lebowski
Now and Then
League of Their Own
Ever After
All Disney/ Disney Pixar Movies
Holiday Movies
Classics (Like littlest princess and secret garden

sadly, not a lot of people have seen Penelope.. but I think everyone needs to. Why? Because the basis behind it is important. It has a good message. The story is about a girl with a family curse. The first daughter to be born with the face of a pig until one of her own learns  to love her. The message is one that I need to take into consideration a lot more than I do. You need to love yourself the way you are, That is the only way you are actually going to be free to be who you are suppose to be.
love it.
watch it
especially because it is currently on encore on demand!!


  1. Oh, I need to see this movie! And thanks for backing me up on the whole Mike/Jake thing. He disagrees wholeheartedly, pft.