Tuesday, June 28, 2011

let me tell you...

I just wrote a huge post to try to catch everyone up on my life the last couple of months because I have been gone SINCE THE THIRTY FIRST OF MARCH IS THIS REAL LIFE??????????????
well.... I hit a button by accident and it all went bye bye and then I died a little inside.

I'm sorry it has been so long, and thank you to everyone who has been patient and hasn't unfollowed me!
I will post all this week with updates on the following things

My students and recital season
The Mav Girls (ohhh you don't even know what that is yet how exciting!)
The love life (always a very interesting read in my blog... I know.. I know..)
The season with my dance company

and anything else I could possibly think of... if you have ideas of what that should be you can always message me and let me know =)

I've missed you, dear blogger... thank you for staying with me guys. I'll have a new post by tomorrow night.. super duper Internet pinkie promise!

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