Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some People Give Up Things For Lent

I do not..
okay hear me out, because I am a catholic, but some people forget there is more than one rule. During lent you give up something that is an addiction, something possibly associated with one of the sins (usually gluttony) I, however, don't really have a thing that I HAVE to have on a daily basis. Heck, I can even go a few days without facebook no problem.
So I do the other half of lent, where you take on something in order of repent. For the last four years I was a member of my school community outreach program so I actually did lots of things during lent without even having to go look for one.
Now.. well.. not so lucky.
SO I am blogging to ask for a bit of a favor.  I am looking for a good project or two for my sister and I to take part in. if it is something that requires actually going to, its gotta be around the Massachusetts south shore area (obviously I will leave the area just don't send me to southern CT, thats not cool!! haha) or if you know of other great ways that you can get involved through websites, mailings (like for soldiers?) or anything like that it would be so super helpful!

Thanks everyone! Hope everythings been going well in bloggerville!! I hope to stop in with some good news about some dance updates in my life.. keepin the fingers crossed =)

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  1. Animal shelters are always looking for help!