Monday, March 7, 2011

Friends in High Places

My last week hasn't been my strongest. Shakey love, bills that just wont seem to be up to date, a room that is still a mess after cleaning almost daily.
And yet I'm okay.
I'm okay because I have Joe to call when I cry. Who IMs me (who does that still?) just to see how my day is going. I have a best friend.
The best part is that distance isn't a factor with him. He doesn't care that I live an hour away. He doesn't care that his schedule is crazy and my schedule is crazy... When I am about to cry, punch someone in the face, or hide in my room and just lay in my bed for a whole week, He is there to kick my ass, make me laugh, and reassure me that as long as I am not dead, then life surely goes on.
So thanks joe, for being a really awesome best friend.

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