Saturday, January 22, 2011

I feel like I keep saying this...

But really I've had a huge absence. I assure you I am still blogging, but my computer has been acting up a lot lately so I was trying to stay off of it as much as possible and two days ago it crashed:(
Very sad because it's only a little over a year old. I got a virus within the day between my aunt removing my old antivirus and me (probably unsuccessfully) uploading my new antivirus. So now I am writing this post on my iPod hahaha!
I hope to have my laptop back in a few days so that I may catch back up with all you lovely people that I so much enjoy reading about, seeing your wonderful photos, and drooling over your etsy sites (which I am thinking of creating one soon once I havethe money to restock my art supplies!)(damn why does Alex still have all my paint and brushes?? I really gotta get that back)
Anyway... I might be needing your help soon.. I won't know for sure for a couple of days but there is a possibility my aunt is going to have to wipe out my laptop which means I may lose about a third or so of my music because I haven't backed it up in my harddrive in abt two or more months (oops). So! I may call on you guys to assist me in rebuilding my collection! As soon as I get that hunk of machine I keep half my life on I will let you know where I stand. Hopefully it will be a happy post about the updates in my life that I am so very behind on and not a cry for help to replenish the beautiful collection of music that I pride myself in(really, it's like my baby).

Hope you all have had a fantastic last couple of eweeks! I can't wait to be able to start reading about them again!

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