Tuesday, February 8, 2011

you know whats a strange concept?

Having a friend be your hero.
I am lucky enough to have a hero, and today I get to celebrate him.
His name is Ryan Hogan... he's a dummy, a goofball, not very smooth with the ladies.. and a member of the United States Marines.
Today is his 23rd birthday, and although he will probably find some time to celebrate with his marine buddies, myself, Nick, and a few others will be wishing he was home to crack open a beer, let me bake him a cake, and laugh at his stupidity.
This will be the Third birthday his friends from back home have not been able to spend with him because He has been serving our country... but this year I am extra grateful. Hogan spent his 22nd birthday in the deserts of Afghanistan. I got a phonecall once a month, sometimes less, and I didn't watch the news for 9 months because I was afraid I would see him on the tv screen.
He spent his birthday last year fighting to keep our country safe.. and for that, he is my hero.

Happy Birthday Hogey Bear.

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