Saturday, March 27, 2010

home #2

Doing something unexpected leaves ppl talking abt a home. have a fridge frim the 60s?? well.. it makes a pretty cool entertainment center...

Pacman makes a great storage unit

why shouldnt a swing belong in a kitchen? its just another place to sit... right?

I LOVE when spaces are interesting... but more importantly... the space is utilized..

seriously.. a bay window makes a cool seat.. but it makes an even cooler bed..

I dont have a big bedroom at home.. and frankly.. I walk into my computer desk all the time because of it.. If I could do this to my closet.. It would be amazing... I could hide my workspace and be way more organized.

how many ppl could hang out in this room comfortably?? lets try.. A LOT!!! sick for a movie night!

Got a little bedroom like me? no worries... bed on top... living on bottom.. sounds great! =)

I hate it when people are afraid to play with color. Colors make people happy.. more people need to just be bold and explore colors.. even in the simplest form..

accents are cool when you have to keep your walls white

accessories like lights are always a really cool way to add color to rooms

furniture and curtains too. Who said you had to paint your walls to have a colorful creative space? sometimes white walls keep things bright, and the accents keep things interesting.. keep the eyes looking

and sometimes... why not just get out of control? haha

I LOVE when people arent afraid to be bold, do things like paint their ceilings

speaking of.. I LOVE high ceilings

someday I want a room with A TON of books... I want a library in my house, with books for all ages...

but I wanna keep it interesting.. I dont just want a room with a few book shelves

books should BE the room... its like a sanctuary...

.... I guess books are a little important to me haha

okay.. thats enough of my rambling on my obsessions with houses. hopefully one day I'll have pictures of my own place... and how amazing it will hopefully look.. =)

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