Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ingrid at the House Of Blues!

Tuesday night Ingrid Michaelson played at the House Of Blues in Boston and I got the opportunity to go.
I can't even begin to tell you how amazing the show was, even though there was a half hour wait between the opening act and her coming on stage due to some sound issues which she did appologize for (so sweet right?)
I've loved her music for so long now but after seeing her live I love her even more. I never thought that she would be as funny, sarcastic, and kinda rock chick as she is. She even asked the fans a personal question (well I mean not that personal) Leanne Rhymes had tweeted her and she had no idea what to say back to her.. she went on with her struggles about it for a solid two minutes. I'm pretty sure she had me laughing in between every song! Not to mention the two last songs she played. Her final song of the night was an "ode to Britney" Let me tell you.. Toxic by BS sounds pretty good on Ukulele.  after that she "Hid" (she had told all of us that she wasn't going to keep us around waiting, we knew there was an encore why bother leaving the stage for five minutes for nothing!) and came back and did a punk rock version of The Way I Am. It was hilarious, but also really good!

Guggenheim Grotto

The show opener, Guggenheim Grotto. They were GOOD and cute and Irish too! check them out =)

Heres two videos that technically would be one. Sorry for the quality and the fact that they are short... I don't know why I didn't think to bring my camera, I forgot smaller venues let you have them, so these are from my phone which only allows 32 seconds of recording at a time! haha

Thats all for now. If you get the chance check out Ingrid's page, Ingrid's blog.. and catch her on tour!! =)


  1. i LOOOOOOOOVE nola. and since you like it too, this makes us kindred spirits.

  2. =) I'm glad to hear it! one of the most uniquely cultured places to ever exist in the US.. you feel like you're on another planet, its amazing!