Monday, March 22, 2010

You should never limit your creativity

So as you all probably know.. I'm obsessed with photography. I could look at it for hours and hours and hours and I always want to share it with people. Its one of those things that I also just want to be knowledgeable and good at. I've got the whole, dancing, singing, choreographing, Writing and painting done. now I just really need to learn an instrument, and I need to work on my photography and film skills. I see it this way, creativity is the breeder of life. It might not make your organs or muscles or any of that junk, but I really believe it makes your soul. I don't think on the lines of me wanting to be an over achiever or anything because of it... its just what makes me the happiest. I am a creative person, I like to try new things, push limits, breathe light on different subjects. For me it is the greatest stress reliever, just doing something, making something new or renewing it, I feel like I can't even describe it.. that's how much I love it.
and with that being said.. Sarah and I decided to go on an adventure this weekend. we found this beautiful park and went and took tons and tons of photos!!! These are my favorite shots that I took of Sarah, and the two at the bottom are my favorites that Sarah took of me! =)
I think I'm getting the hang of it... now all I need is a good camera =D

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