Friday, May 7, 2010

its been a while??

Sooooooooo I guess I've fallen behind a little bit on my Blogging. Mostly because its been a crazy past couple of weeks. I had a week of dance finals followed by a week of academic finals, celebrating, decorating caps, reminiscing, crying, and rejoicing. I graduate tomorrow and its really hard to believe that I'm really done. I keep telling all the freshman I know to take advantage of the next three years because its gonna fly. I feel like it was yesterday that I was moving into BoHa for preseason volleyball, meeting sam and chels, laughing at all our crazy first year dance teachers, slip and slides in the hallways.... all moving into the same building soph year. ugh I cant... I gotta stop I'll cry. Its so funny how people have such different experiences of college. I know I dont plug a lot about my school.. but dean really does change your life. Having such a small class (hello 36 srs including arts management and the suffolk dean students) bonds you on such a personal level with people. Saying goodbye to Jill and Nailah keeps getting increasingly hard. saying goodbye to my roommates, my best friends, is getting increasingly hard. I cant believe sam is going to florida, and chelsey is going to vegas... they have been at my side since the first week of school.. having them be so far away seems crazy. AHHH okay okay keeping positive... its a time in my life for great things to happen!!! I'm ready.. I THINK!


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