Monday, May 10, 2010

Time for a change

I've decided after graduating that I want to change the pace of my blog. No more of this whining about how I hate guys and most other people or complain about things. I want to write about more real things now. So now I am going to blog my adventure in BECOMING FAMOUS!!!!
hahaha jk jk jk, maybe not famous.... just... well, a working dancer. That's something that's not the easiest to be. I don't want to be young and strong and talented and wasting all of my time teaching at a dance studio and never doing something that I can look back and say "wow, I really made something of myself."
Not to say I don't love teaching. I love choreographing and teaching and expanding the ideas of other dancers and non dancers but for now I want to do something that's going to take me places, allow me to see the country, see the world, make good money and be proud of myself.

So here we are.. day one.. the first Monday of being a college graduate.
I don't have much accomplished yet but who does after two days of graduating?
My goal this week is to get back into audition shape. I took a nice long walk this afternoon and it made me realize how much I miss the gym. So tomorrow morning I will be waking up and taking off to the Y to spend at least an hour at the gym. I am back at it!!!!

I only have two auditions lined up so far for paying jobs. June 1st is Disney Cruise lines. I'm afraid I'm too "curvy" and "voluptuous" of a body type to be accepted by Disney, but maybe my sweet face will let me pass!!! =)
The next is June 26th, with my dream job, the Celtics Dancer Auditions. I HAVE HAVE HAVE to get in amazing shape for this one!!

other than that, I am working on auditioning for The Roxies, which is the volunteer Brockton Rox Baseball dance team... I figure its a good way to add to my resume and keep dancing. I also have a small side gig choreographing for Dean's Orientation leaders. Its no big at all, and the majority of the OLs aren't even dancers, so while it has to be a fun upbeat dance, it also has to be something that I can make anyone look good doing and be able to pick up. Not the most exciting of choreography jobs, but it pays, and a choreographer has to start somewhere!

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