Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 7 and.. HELP!

Day Seven: Four turn offs

1)Drugs. I don't like them, I never will. Do what you want with them, its not my opinion, but Don't expect me to find you the least bit attractive while you are injecting, inhaling, or snorting anything.

2) Pointless Tattoos. Don't get me wrong here.. I LOVE THE INK! I have one, and want more, myself. However, I do not like it when someone has the little tramp stamp of the butterfly with the swirlies and when asked "why did you get that" and the response is "I don't know, I felt like it.. it looked kinda cool"

3) Bossing females around. Just because I have a uterus does not mean I belong in a kitchen with an apron making you a sandwich! I do things for you when I want to because I like to, not when you feel like you need a personal assistant.

4) People who don't know how to wear their clothes correctly!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing that I hate more than seeing the entire butt of a guy when the bottom of their shorts reach their ankles. Whats the point of the shorts? you are now wearing pants! A little boxer showing is fine... and sometimes even cute, as the elastic usually shows when a pair of jeans are hanging right. Not to just hate on the guys either... I don't like it when girls don't wear clothes right either. Know how your body works... and don't live in denial. If you are my size why are you wearing an extra small t-shirt? That makes you look fat even when you are not.
I know I am really going on about this, but fashion has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves. I am forever going through clothes, finding what works and what doesn't. I'm really big on finding things that compliment your figure so if you're a stick you look curvy and if your maybe "chunky" you look slimmer. I don't know. I seriously could go on for days and days.. with both genders (man am I lucky my boyfriend knows how to dress himself... actually.. that I have had really good luck with dating guys who know how to actually wear clothes.. maybe that's what attracts me to them?). I have always said how I wanted to be a personal shopper for people.. because well.. people need help. But again, I keep blabbing and there is no need to. Can you tell that this is pretty much my biggest turn off?

I think my blog needs some help. It needs some major revamping. The only problem is I have no idea how to do it. When I was younger and I was lame and had a live journal and a myspace I felt like I knew how to do tons of stuff to change it up and add things... now I look at it blankly. Look how boring my blog looks.. how overly large the writing section seems, how I want to make separate pages and link them (like an about me or something?), I want to advertise some of my favorite blogs, add side pictures.. anything!!!!!! It needs to not be so dull anymore! Seriously.. if someone helps me out, I will buy you a coffee! (or a tea, if that's what you prefer!)

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