Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The It

Its funny how it works sometimes. The it I'm talking about is relationships.
Alex and I are currently not seeing each other. Who knows if its forever, or for tomorrow but it still sucks. Normally I'm not one to talk about my love life to the blogging world, I like to keep it low key, but I gotta get it out of my system. He is great and sweet and kind, he really is and I understand why it has to be this way. He has this one year, this one shot to get school right this time... he has to be greedy about it and he should. The program is intense already and he's only two days in, he hasn't started any internships or studio time or anything. He really has his head on right about it.. He wants to be top of his class, he wants to prove to everyone what he is made of, and I stand by him 100% for that. It hurts and it sucks but I could never stand in the way of his dreams because he would never try to get in the way of mine.

I just hopes he knows I'm here for him, That I care about him a lot, and that I know school comes first, life comes first, but that will never change how I feel about him.

"He's got the sweetest eyes and sings the saddest songs.. but I, I dance to them anyway."


  1. oh, sweetie. this is such a hard thing . . . i am so proud of you girl, for handling it with good sense, compassion, and class. the maturity you're both taking on this topic is actually a good sign for relationships in the future - be it together or otherwise. you can prioritize! i hope you can keep your chin up. you're an amazing, classy girl.

  2. Thanks Le. I've always been super skeptical about the whole "If you love someone let them go" thing.. but I guess its true. If you really cared then you've got to let them do what they need to do. I miss him, and its hard but I'm happy to know that he is pushing to do great things with himself.