Monday, October 25, 2010

Feeling a lot better

The weekend helped me a lot. Remember Wednesday's post? (how could you forget... it's right under this one)
I needed to find some time to do something for myself. Wednesday was just a bad day. I cried a couple times.. talked to Alex, which did make me feel better, and he made me laugh, until we hung up and I started to cry again because hanging up with him made me realize how much I did actually miss him, especially how much he makes me laugh when I hate the world.
Then I ran. I did that a lot this week. Weds after dinner, Thursday before dance class and Friday before cheer I just went to the gym put This Album in my ear buds and ran until I felt okay, or until it was time for me to leave for work..
I wanted to go on Saturday too, but there was no way.. and I was glad I didn't either. I don't think I would have been able to walk on Sunday if I did!
Saturday I went with my Older Sister and her three friends to Salem for a scavenger hunt. They have done one before and they told me I had to come because it would be really fun. They have them in Boston all the time.. they are about $20.00 and you know what the winner gets? A FREE SCAVENGER HUNT! hahaha.
This one was really cool. I try not to believe too much in ghosts and monsters and everything but somewhere in the back of my ever puzzled mind I want to. This hunt was pretty cool. We had history and trivia and got to go to some haunted places. We didn't get to go inside any of them, but just being around some of them was good enough. There were two places, in front of one house and in one garden. The garden belonged to the Ropes Mansion, a Salem museum (which.. FUN FACT was Filmed as Alison's house in Hocus Pocus..!)Its also considered to be one of the most haunted houses in Salem, which is strange because that house wasn't the thing that gave me the bad feelings.. however the garden did. The garden was in front of another old brick mansion that was pushed back off of the street. They felt cold. Really really cold. I don't even know how to explain it. The garden didn't feel too cold until we got more towards the back, (here is a journal with some pics of the garden. The big brick mansion is the place that gave me the heeby jeebiez!)  and the sun dial was really cool. It sat in the middle of the garden. Our question to be answered was "What stays when everything else dies?" When we located the dial it had the quote that says
"Hours fly, flowers bloom and die, old days old ways pass by, love stays." Romantic right? But somehow the whole ora of it all made the quote a little creepy.
Once we passed the sundial to the back exit of the garden it got even colder. They say the Ropes mansion is very haunted.. okay well who lived in this brick house behind it? perhaps a witch?? it was freezing there until we finally got passed it.. then my face filled with blood and I felt awkwardly warm again. I didn't like it.

We ended up tying for first in the hunt.. AWESOME! It came down to the tie breaker... "how many women were killed during the Salem witch trials?" okay what were we thinking.. 1600s how many people do you think even live in Salem.. for some reason we said a number over 100 (really.. maybe there were 100 people living in Salem at the time..  I don't know why I didn't stop us from having it be the final answer). You know how many did?
No seriously. That's it. 20 women were accused and hanged for being witches between 1692 and 1693. Why did we think there was so many more?? There were men as well, perhaps there were a lot of them? Who knows.

Strange how it works, but getting the bejeebers scared out of me actually helped me feel better from the stress. I needed a day of simple fun... No out partying and doing this and drinking that and the foolish things 22 year olds do.. I got to be outside for hours, enjoy history, use my brain, oh and got super yummy cream of broccoli soup and hot apple cider afterwards! Hooray!
Thanks Lynn for bringing me! =)

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