Thursday, October 28, 2010

Put Everything In Its Right Place.

The last few weeks have had a lot of ups and downs. Well, lets rephrase that. How about down down down then up and then down again.
One thing that has gotten to me: DJ Henry.
People from around the greater Brockton area know him from school in Easton, or a few of my friends who were attending Pace with him in NY. Unfortunately, it hits a little closer to home with my family. My mother is really close friends with DJ's grandmother, Peggy.
I've never had anything against police. Never. I have 4 family members myself that are Boston policemen... but there is something sketchy about the whole thing.
The police have changed the story, evidence has been tampered with, something is being hidden. All of us just want the truth. For the sake of Peggy, and Angela, and so that my mom and Gail will stop sitting with the news on waiting to hear what they have to say next.

The sweet boy who cared way more about football than drinking, the boy who was the designated driver that night so his friends could be safe, the kid who is now gone and because he is not here to tell the truth, the police can lie, say it was his fault, say he was drunk, say he tried to harm them. I'm sick of it.
I have only seen DJ a few times at a few family gatherings, but I do know he was a shy, sweet kid, and he didn't deserve this... and neither does my family. It's just taking a lot out of everyone who just wants to know the truth. We want everything to be put in its right place.

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