Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love And Theft - You To Miss (Lyrics)

My Friend Mike (or Mangelo as we like to call him) Posted this song on my facebook. Normally I'm not too crazy into country, I like some songs, and I think Brad Paisley is one of the most beautiful people to touch earth, so I listen to him hahaha. Anyway, Mike gave me this song and while I have been bummed out about everything lately... This is exactly how to feel.

Thanks Mike


  1. this is a great song! :) "tears are part of life, they conquer the impossible and make you feel alive" i love this part :D

    thanks for sharing this :)

  2. No Problem Smarla! I love sharing music.. Its a gift to be able to take what you want to say and put it to a melody because many people can't even say what they really feel (me being one of them) but music always speaks when words cannot.