Friday, October 1, 2010


Hi Lovely readers!

I'll be in the CT area this weekend. Going to spend some time with some close friends (okay.. lets just call them family, because that's really what they are to me!) and seeing some GOOD FOOTBALL!!

I went to a small private college. My graduating class was just over 30 students so I didn't get that much of the college experience as most would. Don't get me wrong... I had an AMAZING four years at Dean.. but being the networker/socialist/bubbly person I am... I big campus would have been a great experience for me. I think that's the other reason I want to go to grad school. I'd like to try it from a different perspective... lost at a big school with tons of people. It wouldn't be the first time, my high school had six buildings and over four thousand students.

ANYWAY! This post was not suppose to be a rant. It was just to inform you lovely kiddies that Monday or Tuesday there might be a post of my wonderful adventures, and a fun Saturday full of football!!! As long as this weather doesn't swallow us up!!

RIP Jasper<3

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