Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You Know What I Dislike???.....

Having a crush on a really close friend. That's really not cool. But I can see why it would happen... they are in your lives for so long, they are comfortable, easy, and you know they already love you for who you are....
you know what else I dislike?? Having a crush on that one friend, and then having a crush on someone you don't know as well... just because... well lets face it... they're beautiful!! haha. The worst part is is neither of them are currently in my view. One is just out of reach; I highly doubt I stand a chance. And the other... well... we are part of this close knit group.. a family... would it be wrong to switch it up and add something more to that???

So today Britteny hits the Dislike button on... her feelings... crossed signals, and men in general. Blasphemy!!!!!

You both can have a half... deal?.. deal!.. I didn't need it anyway.

Breath in Love
Breathe out Hate
xo Britt

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