Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sick of first cuts

This was a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnggg last two days!!
I went to the Celtics dancers audition on Saturday morning. I should have been at the second day of work for New Student Orientation at Dean but with permission I was able to follow my dreams of Celtic dancer-ness. What was I thinking I was so not ready for it?? SO not ready... physically not to the point I wanted to be (didn't run all week!) I had other things on my mind "I should be at school, working, I made a commitment to them... I hope my tire doesn't lose more air on the ride here... I didn't get to shower my hair is straight in my head shot and I have curly hair right now this is not okay!" sooo many things. I guess we could say I went in a little stressed out... but you know what, I think I did really good! We did an across the floor routine that was 4 counts of 8, did it in small groups and then did it in threes. During the learning period and the small groups I saw some of the judges watching me, I was so ready to perform for them, faces body language, eye contact with them.. I felt for sure I would be getting a wristband at the end of the line... and then I didn't. First round cut, again..... again again again.
It's not that I am terribly heartbroken over being cut. This is the life of a dancer; a lot of no's before there is a yes. BUT COME ON!!!! I would feel so much better if I could at least make it passed the first round. Being cut the first round makes you think a lot... am I really that bad?? You really don't like how I look?? Did you even care about my resume or head shot??
It really plays with your head.


So today I had a change of pace. No dance team, no ridiculous "GO TEAM" cutesie slutty audition outfits, no I have to have the perfect hair and the perfect smile and have to look just like everyone else, today was different. an open casting call, Come as you are, who you are, what you do.
Marcos Aguirre is an up and coming choreographer from Boston. He does a lot of jazz funk and hip hop, and is really big on being "ganky". HE IS FABULOUS! and the casting call.. WAS FABULOUS! I got in there, a little tired, a little stressed about possibly being late, and holey cow hot (thank you dance studios on the 3rd floor of old Boston buildings) but I was comfortable and felt like it was really right for me to be there. It was.
We did two combinations, a gank to "can't be tamed" by my girl miley, and a reggae hip hop to "pon de floor" which required 2 counts of 8 in freestyle afterwards. I feel like I did really well with both of them. I worked my ass off, and actually felt it. It was fun and so far from stressful, it was like... going to class for fun again. No matter how tired, hot, and sweaty I was I just had to keep pushing for it. I had to keep going, work harder. It felt amazing.
Afterwords Marcos spoke with us and told us that he has us all on file now. He has our numbers, emails, head shots, and now videos to start looking through. I am so nervous and anxious waiting to know what he thinks!!! Gaaaaaaaaahhh.
now what??

impatiently waiting to know if I'm gonna be famous one day....
"you'll sit alone forever, if you wait for the right time"

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