Thursday, July 1, 2010

If I Had A Million Dollars

has anyone ever asked you that? Really, what would you do if you had a million dollars?
I went for a long walk today and I thought of a lot of random things today, this being one of them.
So heres the list of the 10 things I would do if I had 6 zeros hanging in the good ol bank account.

1) I'd pay off college...
(930,000 left)

2) I'd set up a bank account to have money taken directly out to pay my car insurance for the next 10 years
(916,440 left)

3) I'd pay my moms mortgage (not that I know how much this is... lets say she owes 100,000 left seeing as she's been paying it for 20 years now)
(816,440 left)

4)I'd build a walk in closet for my room... I really need this... really.
( estimates it would be about 2,700 to do so)
(813,740 left)

5)I'd open an emergency savings acount, and put 150,000 in it.. for when I need something liiikkke a new car, but not until I ACTUALLY need it, like when my little Edwin finally kicks the can

6) I'd make another savings account for with another 150,000 for a dance studio. I'm not ready for it yet, but I'd like to know I have the funds to start it when I am ready.

7) seeing how Im on a roll with the bank account thing... I'd open yet another savings account.. for the children Im going to have one day... so that they have money to go to college and dont have to stress the same way I did. I plan on three, lets shoot for 200,000 on that one

8) I'd say I'd get a place to live, but I plan on being an RD for a while... so I'll put some money away for when I want to buy a nice house... lets add another 150,000 to the emergency fund, that should make a nice downpayment someday!

9) I'd donate 20,000 to Janbe, so Nailah and Jean can have an amazing and safe facility for their students

10) the rest is going to have to go into my regular bank account... because lets be serious I'm still unemployed... and having a little cashflow (well thats a lot of cash for me) well that would be really nice until Icould finally get myself on my feet. No more worrying about gas money, or if I will overdraw if I buy this iced tea at the 7/11, or if I have enough money to take the train to my next audition. Yea, it would be pretty nice to have a couple months of not worrying!!!

so now I challenge you... what are ten things you would do with a million dollars?

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