Friday, July 2, 2010


Today was just an average day...
well a little more than average. I went to boston today to celebrate a good friends birthday. Walked quincy market, had lots of laughs.. met the love of my life drumming on the side of the cobblestone road.. and came home.
that was the slightly above average part of my day. AND THEN something extraordinary happened.
Opened up my facebook, had two inboxes, one from an event, one from Marcos Aguirre [the choreographer I had went to a casting call for last week]

[Marcos.... Obvi]

Turns out he is really interested in me, and I have OFFICIALLY BEEN CASTED!!!
Now I am not 100% sure if this means I will be a PAID dancer, but I am now a PROFESSIONAL dancer.

Ladies and Gentlemen.. LIFE.IS.BEAUTIFUL!!!

"Its not about the money, its about being happy, doing what you love"


  1. CONGRATULATIONS MY LOVE! I miss you too much, come to chicago.

  2. thanks you guys!!
    and vega, I miss you in my life! I'd love to come to chicago... but I am a wimp!!!! hahaa I've gotta get my life together in mass then I'll hopefully get some traveling done!