Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear Residence Life...


no but really.... I've thought of this master plan. Tons of dancers who are performers have two jobs, some work in restaurants, some at other dance schools, and some in Pilates and zumba studios all over the country. Me? I want my (I need to pay my bills till I'm famous) job to be the second love of my life, working with college students.
The trouble is I'm having trouble finding a job working as a Resident Director at a school in Boston.. and even harder time actually getting them to call me back. Although I was never a RA, what I had done in my college career almost makes me a better candidate than a lot of people who were.
The other problem is I am limited. I am working with a choreographer that I want to work with... and he is based out of Cambridge. I know he is gonna help me start getting great jobs and get where I want to be going... but this means Boston area... places a half hour at most from Cambridge. This makes opportunities like western mass, Rhode Island, and CT jobs a little more difficult even though some of them are schools I think I would enjoy working at.

It gets a little nerve racking thinking about how I am going to pull this off... Most people I seem to talk to about it just think I'm doing it as a free in to living for free in Boston. Well obviously this is why I am only applying in the Boston and surrounding areas, I need to be in that area... but lets be serious, res life at a college doesn't seem to be something that someone would go into for a free ride.

come on Harvard, you know you want down with this!

PS- Dear Mangelo--I know you read this... so.. chufok baby eh?
dont EVER talk about my blog on power 88... Im going to hunt you down if you do, even though I know it will get you more than 13 listeners!! ;)

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