Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Until Next Time, Disney

Well if that didn't give it away...
My first NYC audition turns out to be a bust. I did HORRIBLE!!!!!!
okay okay maybe not that horrible but still not as good as I could have. I just wasn't feeling this one. I guess I was preparing myself for a slightly different thing. I was thinking more musical theatre I'm gonna be able to do what I do best. Walked in and we did 4 counts of 8 to Black Betty. 4 EASY counts of 8 to be more specific. The hardest part was the double turn at the end and we had prep six turn seven land 8. Dude how did I bomb this one? well.. I did hahaha. Being thrown off by what style it ended up being I kinda lost feeling for it... tried to get into it but I wasn't and of course, messed up the choreography (probably the ugliest hitch kick I've ever done) and was cut after the first hour of the audition.
A few of my friends who came along with me looked really disappointed in themselves after getting cut along with me. I couldn't get myself to feel that way. for 1 I knew I did pretty bad and 2 that was my first audition aside from patriots (which I thought was a bit of a joke) I would never expect to get a job the first audition I go to. I know it needs work, and time, I've gotta figure out my comfort zone and my happy place in an audition room outside of Dean.
As of right now the next audition I have is with The Boston Celtics dance team! =)
I'd like to get one or two more in before that, seeing how that's at the end of the month. If anyone happens to know of any auditions for pretty much anything anywhere in the New England area, drop me a line!!! =)

Until your next posted audition Disney... so long

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