Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Epic Summer Weekends

Normally I do not do the type of blog posts with "today I did this and yesterday I did that" Nothing against those, many of my friends do those and I enjoy reading them a lot... but my life is hella boring, so having a blog like that would be pointless!!
But this week was very different! This weekend was full of adventures which was really exciting!

It started with a phone call I got Wednesday night. It was my friend Chad, and he had an extra ticket to Thursdays Redsox game... YOU BETTER BELIEVE I TOOK THAT TICKET!
It was awesome!
Don't mind my absolutely horrible face in the shot... it was my first legal beverage at Fenway, and it was STRONG!!!

Our seats weren't too bad! This is the panoramic I took from it. Cameras always make it look like we are so much further away... but we actually had great seats and the weather was PERFECT for baseball!!
We ended up losing 7-2 this game which is pretty lame when you spend the money to go... but we got free parking, had a few drinks, Will Hall played a great game which is exciting to see from a new player, and I got to reconnect with one of my good college friends before he moves to Florida with his internship with the Panthers! (yay Chad!)

Friday morning it was time to be up bright and early to do what I do best... work at Dean College! hahaha. I really only spent like two hours there. I gave a tour, saw Jenna, and caught up with Mike C for a bit before heading to Middleboro.
Sarah's 21st birthday party was held on Friday and it was Alice in Wonderland themed!!!

[Birthday Girl and her crazy delicious cake!]

We were sad that some of the lovely guests couldn't make it, but it was a great time regardless! Seeing as there was a good chunk of people who were planning on coming as the Mad Hatter, which was my original costume... I decided to go as something a little different. I went as a garden butterfly.. (because lets be serious there are butterflies everywhere in that movie!) it was cool.. my wings were HUGE so I didn't wear them for the entire day, but I had some pretty sweet intense makeup going on... and glitter that took about 2 days to completely come off my body!!
We spent the night time on the slip and slide and by the fire with a few drinks. We actually slept outside in a tent that night... and lucky for us NONE of us thought of bringing an air mattress or anything like that. I know we are all geniuses. We all woke up bright and early Saturday morning, about 8 am (mostly because the heat in the tent by 8am was nowhere near a comfortable temperature to actually sleep!) I packed up my car, and headed the back roads home so that I could stop into Marylou's Coffee for a Girl Scout Cookie. Oh its my absolute most favorite thing ever!! (men, pay attention to the above sign... this is the key to my heart)
After getting home I showered up and took a nap and got ready for my next birthday party!
Saturday was PJ's 22ndGosh, PJ Branco... this kid is something else. He's a constant reminder that distance, and college, and life in general can loosen a bond, but never break it. He's been one of my good friends since my Jr year of high school and every summer we get back together with our group of friends and everything goes back to the old ways. Its comfortable, how its suppose to be, makes me feel like I really am at home.
Anyway, enough of the saapppp, the party was great!!!

[pj and roose flipping into the pool. Photo credit, mumma branco]

We spent the ENTIRE day doing nothing but eating, laughing, and swimming in the pool. We played Categories in the pool for about an hour... to which we ended up all wiped out, waterlogged, and learned that I am probably the worst person to be it because I can never catch anyone!! (even Frank, and he's a horrible swimmer!)

[relaxing in the hot tub after a long match of categories!]

We must have been in the pool and jacuzzi until at least 9pm till we finally brought the party inside, played some kings, flip cup, and pong and laughing hysterically before finally all falling asleep.
We woke up the next morning to dunkins! hoorrayyy I love the Brancos!! we sat around, had some donuts, coffee, and oj while we chatted about some really random things, like roller coasters! haha. After that I was off once again to my sisters house. I haven't seen my nieces in over a week (withdrawals right? haha) so I decided I'd come over and take them out to their pool so my sister could spend some time getting organized inside while Lucas napped.
There was only one problem.. HER POOL SPRANG A LEEK! yes.. this is horrible!! we didn't know what to do!! we managed to fill the hole with plastic rap until we could find her patch kit. We thought we would be fine and dandy, but after we blocked it we checked the water and due to the water coming out as she was filling and shocking the pool the chlorine level was too high, so we couldn't swim. I didn't know what to do, the girls had been waiting for an hour to go swimming with me there's no way I could just say oh well lets just go in the house. Good thing I had a lifeline!! I called up Steven and he let me take the girls to his pool for a couple hours.

[Kiara catching some air off of Steven's pool deck!]

At about 3:30 it was time to dry them off, and grab an early dinner. We ate up at my house, just some cheeseburgers and mac and cheese and then I surprised them and took them out for ice cream before bringing them back home.
It was then off to my next adventure! haha this is never ending I know!
I picked up Jac and headed to Newton to see Alexa perform! She recently got casted with singer Brandon Capp and was performing with him this weekend at the Newton Italiano festival!

The performance was great! Brandon only performed one song, but it seemed like a pretty good one! After that we got to hang out with Alexa, Brandon, and some of the other dancers at the fair. We walked around, played a few games, and all went on the bumper cars together!! Finally it was time to say goodbye to the fair and find us some food! Funny thing, Alexa had no gas and so her car wouldn't start! Thus a bigger adventure! It took us about 20 minutes to finally find a gas station that was open, buy a tank, and get it back to her car. After all of our gas issues were over we drove to Watertown, had some late night UNOs and caught up with each other after all being separated for about a month.

I'm pretty sure that was one of the most eventful weekends I will ever have in my life! Its Tuesday, and I am STILL tired from it!!
Thanks to everyone who is still even reading this. Such a ridiculously long post!!! haha
Hope everyone else had a great weekend!!


  1. thank you for posting a long entry. i'm sitting on my couch bored out of my mind, and it gave me a nice distraction. haha. but i'm finished reading now... so now what...