Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank you Nike Ads!

Today I stumbled upon some Nike ads that are reassuring. Well.. I stumbled upon one Nike add... with a very large bum, and I wondered if there were more like it!
Lets be super serious with the world for a moment. I am no twig, I get myself discouraged because I don't look like a ballerina and most days I don't even think I look like a dancer. Sometimes I have to remember that I am an athlete and that I am strong and there's a lot of muscle in there and that's okay... because 145 pounds of mostly muscle is a lot more pleasing to look at than 145 pounds of no muscle.

[[I wrote what each pic says under them, in case it was too small to read]]

[My hips return to puberty when I am in dance class. Music effects them like hormones, making them crazy and spontaneous and optimistic and prone to drama and I don't understand them and sometimes they don't understand themselves. When the music stops they're still charged. Don't touch me, sparks will fly.]

[I have Thunder Thighs, and that's a compliment because they are strong, and toned, and muscular. And though they are unwelcome in the petite section, they are cheered on in a marathon. Fifty years from now I'll bounce a grandchild on my thunder thighs, then I'll go out for a run.]

[My Shoulders aren't dainty, or proportional to my hips. Some say they are like a mans. I say leave men out of it. They are mine, I made them, in a swimming pool. Then I went to yoga and made my arms]

[My Knees are Tomboys. They get bruised and cut every time I play soccer ((OK so maybe that sport doesn't apply!)) I'm proud of them and wear my dresses short. My mother worries I will never marry with Knees like that. But I know there's someone out there who will say to me "I love you and I love your knees. I want the four of us to grow old together"]

[My Butt is big and round like the letter C, and ten thousand lounges have made it rounder, but not smaller, and that's just fine. Its a space heater for my side of the bed. Its my ambassador for those who walk behind me. Its a border collie that herds skinny women away from the best deals at clothing sales. My butt is big and that's just fine and those who might scorn it are invited to kiss it.]

Thank you Nike, for making adds for girls who are insecure because they are in shape... Especially... for the bum one!


  1. This. Is. Friggin'. AWWWWWEEESSSSOOOMMMMEEEEE. seriously, this makes me so happy - i am hips and butt and knees and shoulders (plus scars, lol) and thunder thighs. i am a woman and a dancer and an athlete and ilovethis and iloveyou.

  2. This is so awesome. I didn't know Nike had ads like this.
    Thank you for making a post about them. There are too many women in the world that think there is something wrong with bodies like this!

  3. Love the last one, haha :) Nike should make leotards; the companies that make them now need to realize we're not all shaped exactly the same, i.e. like this: |

  4. alivia what a great idea!! we should write to them! and I like the last one too!

    I'm glad you all feel the same way about this. We are athletes and our bodies are bigger because of it, theres no shame!