Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

wow.. 8 ways to win my heart? I wonder if I can think of 8.

1. Marylou's Coffee. I know.. I had to... but its the truth! You show up with a cup of iced girl scout cookie and I'd probably love you forever.

2. Sharing your creativity. I like creative souls... because I have one. I believe that everyone has some sort of talent and they should be comfortable enough to share it with the people they love.

3. writing me letters. I write and hide little notes all the time. I generally just like to write. I feel like I can say what I really want when I have a pen in my hand. I want so badly to have one in return. I've never gotten a love letter myself (strange how that works... isn't the boy suppose to write to the girl anyway?)

4. Being appreciative of the little things. I like to do things for people.. not like go out and save the world things... but little things. I like to get you a second cup of coffee without you asking, or make the bed you let me sleep in. I do like it when I get a little love back.

5. Holding my hand in public. I know.. so simple right? I like knowing that someone wants to be seen as being with me.

6. Liking the fact that I am a tomboy. I like it when I get a turn to play the video games.. or get invited to watch the football game at the bar. I understand mantime is needed.. I'm all about the bromances and the mandates.. but I like sports, games, action movies and so on, and I'd like to share that with you.

7. watching movies with me. I really like to just snuggle up and watch movies. A perfect rainy day would consist of snuggling on the couch together under a blanket with a good movie.

8. Slow Dance with me. I don't care how bad you are or how much you lack rhythm.. but I wanna dance with you... plain and simple.

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